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Passenger vehicles

Better performance with Meisel Lubricants

Rail stock

Lower environmental impact with Meisel Lubricants

Cable cars

Improved safety with Meisel Lubricants


Enhanced durability with Meisel Lubricants

Commercial vehicles

Less maintenance with Meisel Lubricants

Wind turbines

Greater effectiveness with Meisel Lubricants

Industrial equipment

Reduced environmental impact with Meisel Lubricants

Meisel – we make things run smoothly!

Now under second generation ownership, Meisel has been developing high-quality specialised lubricants and additives on behalf of renowned manufacturers worldwide for more than 30 years. Our TÜV-certified products for engine and gearbox components are constantly evolving and always at the cutting edge of technology. Meisel lubricants are environmentally friendly, quick to take effect, and completely harmless to all engine and transmission parts.

Using our lubricants and additives will not only save you money by extending the life of your investment – you can also enjoy a significant boost in terms of output and torque. Our industrial, commercial and consumer products are suitable for all kinds of motor vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machinery, watercraft or rail stock, as well as special-purpose motors. When it comes to engines or gearboxes of any type, Meisel lubricants and additives are simply unrivalled.


Meisel Lubricants – we stake our name on it

The benefits of our additives

  • Less wear

    Reduced friction means a much longer service life and less stress on all engine and gearbox components
  • Fuel savings

    Meisel products save on fuel and lubricants by improving engine and gearbox power use
  • Better performance

    Considerably lower levels of frictional resistance lead to a marked increase in output and torque
  • Decreased vibration

    Vibration and noise levels are noticeably reduced due to superior lubricity even at high temperatures

MEGALON gearbox and engine additive

MEGALON specialised supplement for all gearboxes and engines, made from high-grade solvent raffinates and a balanced combination of active ingredients designed to protect sliding metal surfaces against wear.

Ceramic grease

Our high-performance lubricating greases for all types of machinery and vehicles, offering unprecedented effectiveness at maximum temperature, pressure and output levels.

CT 54 diesel and turbo-diesel additive

CT 54 is a powerful and multifunctional TÜV-certified fuel additive for all diesel and turbo-diesel engines, designed to maximise performance and optimise combustion.

HIGH LEVEL A (HLA) additive package

This additive package has been a tried and tested metal surface treatment for many years, and is available as a motor and gear oil supplement (additive) in a variety of viscosities.

Lubricants with nanotechnology

Our MKG (micro-ceramic lubricating compound) is the result of studies and tests which demonstrate that using MKG in machinery, engines and gearboxes etc. dramatically reduces friction and so makes the most of the energy supply (e.g. fuel).

We use a select combination of special ceramic powders with a distinct crystal structure. These powders, consisting of amber-coloured micron particles, are processed to form a neutral suspension which typically features remarkable lubricating properties even at extreme temperatures, a high degree of thermal stability, low density, outstanding thermal conductivity, and – at the same time – low electrical conductivity. MKG is more resistant to oxidation than graphite or molybdenum disulphide, and exceptionally impervious to chemicals.


Our MKG micro-ceramic lubricating compounds involve ground-breaking approaches, and have already been used with tremendous success in the aerospace industry.


Meisel currently has a range of innovative products available for industrial and commercial use, all based on our unique, patented MKG formula.


Our unique MKG micro-ceramic lubricating compound is a brand product designed to proprietary specifications. We hold patent and utility model rights to the formula, as well as TÜV test certification.

Trade enquiries welcome!

All of our products are also available to resellers at competitive trade prices. Valid trading licence required. Call us on +49 8171 8433

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